JOY Group Meeting

Greetings to our amazing JOY Group.  It has been awhile since we met so it is time to schedule some fun for our group.  We are entering the spring and summer time of our year so let’s celebrate and have some fellowship.

Mike Collins will prepare our meal again so no one has to cook.  That is especially nice for the ladies.  There will be a $5.00 charge per person to help cover the food expense.  I don’t know the menu yet but it will be good for sure.  (If you don’t have this amount to pay, please see Pastor Darlene privately.)

Entertainment will be by different ones in our group.  We will have a special trio you won’t want to miss plus other things. 

The meeting will be held at Jubilee Fellowship Hall because of the accomodations we need for a large group.  Following are details.  Be sure you put this on your calendar and don’t miss this time planned especially for you.

Location:     Jubilee Church

Date:            Friday, June 7

Time:            6:00 p.m.

Please attend and take this opportunity to bring a friend.  Looking forward to our time together.

Pastors Bob and Darlene Singleton