Women's Connect Groups

   In the Bible, John 15 tells us that Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches. It’s vital to our Spiritual health to stay connected to Jesus, the vine. As we stay connected to Him, he tells us to bear fruit and show ourselves to be disciples. Disciples stay connected... connected to our source JESUS, and connected with those who are pursuing Jesus and producing fruit. 
     This is why we have Connect groups! We grow stronger together, and produce more when we connect and pursue Jesus together. To find out where you can connect, call the church office at (850) 474-9484 or contact a Connect Leader from the list below.


Yvalondra Thomas (Regina Randle) - Wednesdays at 7pm
(229) 669-2921
Meeting at her home.

Dewonna Beck (Rebacca Andrews) - Wednesdays at 7pm
(850) 292-9906
Meets at The Drowsy Poet

Nicole McCoy (Marie Lewis) - Thursdays at 3:30pm
(404) 441-9265
Meets at Jubilee Church - Room 129

Audrey McMillan - Wednesdays at 6:30pm
(850) 376-0602
Meeting at her home.

Cherish Pereira (Amity Rogers) - Thursdays at 7:00pm
(850) 529-9240 Meets at The Coffee Guy. “Powerhouse Ladies”

Bridget Robinson (Becki Thornock) -Monday's 7:00pm
(850) 619-4978
Meets at Jubilee Church - Room 125

Vacari Stevenson - Young Adult Single Women (Eightfive0) Friday's at 6:00pm  
(850) 281 – 2252
Meets at The Coffee Guy.

Jessica Picota - Wednesday's at 6pm  
(850) 377-7640 Meets at her home

Clydia Dickens - Wednesday’s at 6:30pm
(850) 485-4016. Meets at Jubilee Church

Jenea Powell - #momslife (EightFive0) Saturdays
(850) 281-0826 Meeting place TBD