Amber Alexander - Arise and Restore Divorce Recovery meets biweekly on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  The first cohort of the year will begin January 28th and will meet for 8 sessions.  Subsequent cohorts will be scheduled as needed.  Each session will target a specific area in need of recovery.  Healing from divorce is not easy, but with each intentional step, those that fully engage in the process will receive God's grace and be ready to Arise into what God has called them to do.  Sign-up is required.

Please contact Amber Alexander at 850-454-6592 or mail to: for more information.

Dewonna Beck/Rebacca Andrews - Women's eGroup

Meet through Google Meet

Wednesday @ 7pm

Dewonna (850-292-9906) Rebacca (850-361-7072)


Cheryl Foster – “Art Challenge” eGroup This Connect group is all about seeking and hearing from God through art.

You will get a group text with an art challenge on the first of every month.

Any medium that you want. It can be paint, sculpture, drawing, or photography.

After you complete your art on the last day of the month you can upload your image and we will all get together online and talk about it!

Contact Cheryl Foster-850-982-8857

Tim Fox – Racial Reconciliation - led by Marshall, Amber A. and Tim. Wednesday @ 7pm  

Contact Tim Fox-360-921-7018

Men’s Connect - Wednesday @7pm - led by Gary Benitez, David Matthews, Carnell Dancy and Martin Thomas

Contact Garry Benitez-850-377-7173

Mike and Dara GlintereGroup Every other Wednesday @ 7pm

Contact Mike-850-501-6475

Contact Dara-850-501-3272

David and Gina Hull - Wednesday’s @ 7pm in Daphne, AL

Contact Dave-734-693-9244

Contact Gina-580-399-9643

Faith Leonard/Amber Stepter - Y.A.S. Women Connect Group; a group of trailblazing, amazing, beautiful, and powerful women of God! We have in person meet ups every Tuesday from 6:30pm-8:30pm @ The Coffee Guy Cafe (6700 N Davis Hwy) unless stated otherwise in our Facebook group(Y.A.S. Women)!

Contact Faith-850-501-6110

Contact Amber-205-799-6268

Marie Lewis – Everyone Welcome. Wednesday @ 5pm Jubilee 


Michele Mobley - Women’s eGroup every other Tuesday 6:30pm.

Contact Michele-850-346-3561

Griselda Picota - Hispanic eGroup

Meets through WhatsApp

Friday 6:30pm

Contact Griselda-850-860-6719

Audrey McMillan - Women’s eGroup Wednesday @ 6pm

Contact Audrey-850-376-0602

J.O.Y. GroupBob and Darlene Singleton

J.O.Y. is an acronym for ‘Just Older Youth’.  The age for this group is 50 years and above.  

Contact Darlene-850-384-9748

Austin and Skye Valliant - Audacity is the high school aged youth group of Jubilee Church. Our mission is to develop the next generation of leaders to boldly pursue the promises of God and affect change in our world. We meet at Jubilee every Wednesday from 6:30p-9:00p. Anyone in grades 9-12 are welcome to join.

Contact Austin Valliant-850-405-7170

Jason and Amanda Cox – Tribe Middle School age

Contact Jason-850-497-2627

Contact Amanda- 850-261-7005

Derek and Ashlee Woods – Young Married Couples

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, at 5pm

Contact Derek 850-361-6589

Contact Ashlee 850-512-7398

Flavinha Batista – Brazilian Connect Group

We meet in person every other Friday. 

Our meeting starts at 7:00pm - 8:30. We have a social time around the table, where we can make connections and share experiences. We will have something for the children beginning at 6:30. We also have snacks for the kids. 

Contact Flavinha-251-269-1447

Karina Miller - Hybrid connect group. This is an in-person/eGroup connect group. We will meet Saturday mornings. Mixing spiritual truths with practical instruction. This group will also have work outs twice a month.

Contact Karina-850-712-4772

Amity Rogers/Cherish Periera – “Powerhouse Ladies” Women of any age and family status are welcome!

Coffee Guy Thursday at 7pm

Contact Amity-850-378-7305

Rebekah Rigby - eGroup  That’s do I go though everyday life ...facing normal glitches in life...why isn’t life Rosey and smooth like the Hallmark movie...why am I facing the same problems all the time... I’m in a rut and can’t get out of it... Wednesday 7pm

Contact Rebekah-850-384-9752