The Jubilee Growth Track

We believe each person has a specific purpose and plan that God has called him or her to fulfill. One of the ways we help you fulfill that purpose is through our Growth Track. We need you on the team! The Jubilee Growth Track is designed to help you build the foundations of your faith, uncover the keys of hearing God’s voice, equip your potential as a strong and influential Christian leader, and push you forward into a lifestyle of fruitfulness as you serve the Lord.

This all encompassing ministry training will equip you to serve as a ministry leader and propel you toward destiny. For more information on when the next Growth Track cycle begins, contact us at

Growth Track Process

1. Starting Line for New Believers:

A basics course on the Christian faith. This course is designed for new believers, but anyone who takes it, regardless of the place in their walk with God, will gain foundational strength in their Christian walk.

2. Connect Class:

This is where you step into the batter’s box on the Growth Track. The purpose of this class is to introduce Jubilee International Ministries, its purpose, its statements, its structure, and its strategy. In this class, we welcome those who have decided to make Jubilee their home church as members, promote joining a Connect Group, and identify how a person can become a part of Team Jubilee.

3. Freedom Weekend:

This weekend retreat is a key part of the Growth Track and gets you on track to First Base. The purpose of the weekend is to find new freedom in your life by encountering God in a very powerful and intimate way. Past issues and challenges are healed as you come to a fresh understanding of the power of the cross. It is a life-changing experience that is a “must” in the life of every believer.

4. BASE 1:

Connect Essentials Leadership Classes – This series of classes trains you how to live a victorious and successful Christian life by following Christ in the same way His disciples did.

5. Discovery Weekend:

This weekend seminar pushes you on toward Second Base. Students will leave the seminar with a fresh confidence for who they are in Christ, a deeper understanding of their God-given personality and gifts, and exciting strategies for discovering their purpose and design.

6. BASE 2:

Grow Essentials Leadership Classes – This second level series of classes introduces you to Christian leadership through the leadership style of Jesus and trains you how to influence others by sharing your faith.

7. Practical Ministry Weekend:

As you head to Third Base, this exciting seminar teaches an intense practical application of ministry through the Gifts of the Spirit. Students receive hands-on training in ministry skills. The course instills boldness and activates the student’s faith in using the revelation gifts, power gifts, and utterance gifts to minister to others.

8. BASE 3:

Build Essentials Leadership Classes – This third level series of classes are designed to train you to lead and disciple others. God has called all of us to be builders in the Kingdom of God. These classes equip you to build in ministry settings through small group discipleship.

9. Champion’s Weekend:

This powerful weekend seminar serves as an endcap for the Growth Track and focuses on principles of sonship, church ministry, and core values. The weekend ends with a special graduation dinner where we recognize all those who have completed the Growth Track. Students will receive a certificate of completion and will be prepared to launch into leadership.

10. Home Run: Team Jubilee!

This is the incredible group of God-loving people in our Jubilee Family that have completed the Growth Track and desire to be used by God to minister to the lives of others here at our church and beyond. There is a place for everyone on Team Jubilee! The Growth Track is complete when you join a ministry team, begin a Connect Group, or serve in any capacity in the house of God. It’s a Home Run!