Young Adults Ministry

850 is a weekly gathering that meets on Tuesday nights at 7pm. We’re dedicated to providing a place for young adults to connect with God, with others, and with older committed leaders that are dedicated to seeing them grow closer to Christ. We believe that you can't do life alone, and that our young adults are at a unique time of life where they can learn to live out the gospel and impact our community by demonstrating the life of Jesus in their lives.

850 members, join us as we present God's word to equip you with biblical tools and training to face the battles on your journey through "Life in Christ". We can't wait to watch what God has for you as your life unfolds and bears witness to the work He is continually doing in you as you reach out to the world around you.

EightFive0 - Ministry Update

There are so many great things happening in EightFive0, where leadership is concerned. The heart of EightFive0 is to make disciples who are solid in the knowledge and understanding of the word and share the heart of God for people.

The format is:

  • 1st Tuesday of the month,  is held in the sanctuary and consists of ministry and teaching.
  • 2nd Tuesday of the month, is held in the sanctuary and consists of discussion/application opportunity exercises.
  • 3rd Tuesday is offsite and  consists of outreach in our community.
  • 4th Tuesday is offsite and consists of fellowship to build and strengthen relationships among the team.

    "Last Night we were at the Ronald McDonald House. We prepared dinner which really drew a crowd. Where there is food... The people will come, lol! We were able to not only bless them with food, we were able to pray for specific issues in their life. We were able to take what has been imparted into us at the Jube to them! It was awesome!!! Words of knowledge and wisdom and prophetic words!!! People crying in the presence of God and laughter, amazement at what we knew via the Holy Spirit. It was great! Not just for them but for us. Nights like last night fuel an already lit passion that affect change in our community. We played with the children and had conversations about normal things. They were able, if just for a moment,  to not have to deal with the weight of the world on their shoulders. They could just be normal. The group was definitely effected in a way that challenged them to take all that we are receiving at Jubilee and not take it for granted. 
    We then went on to clean and organize in the facility as directed. Thank you all for your leadership and for a house that equips us to do the work of the Lord!"